Haffner’s Car Wash of Lawrence: Parker Street Site

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Since I’m doing retakes of all of the Haffner’s locations, I wanted to start off with the 3 locations that they have in Lawrence. 2 are at their gas stations while the 3rd is a Stand-alone car wash without any gas station.

The first location that we visited was the one on Parker Street. This is a wash that I’ve visited before, but it was a couple years back when I was younger. Back then, the wash was still using all of its original equipment before getting new equipment in it, which replaced some of the older stuff that was previously in the tunnel.

This might have to be Haffner’s 2nd biggest location. The Plaistow Road in Haverhill is their biggest currently. This one has a tunnel wash, 2 detailing bays, multiple gas pumps and 6 self service bays. Due to limited space, there isn’t any C-Store on the property. Only the Hudson NH and Methuen locations have C-stores, as they are on bigger properties.

The original washing equipment in this tunnel is still original to the wash when it first opened. However, the original dryers and conveyor were replaced when the other Haffner’s locations were upgrading their equipment. The dryers were 3 unknown Stainless steel units while the last 2 were covered International Drying Corp dryers. The new dryers are Sonny’s units, including the V-nozzle which was recently added.

Now here’s what is interesting. This tunnel is really long, but only the first half of the tunnel features the friction equipment. I’m not a huge fan of this as they had so much more room to put in more washing equipment and instead, they put multiple rinse arches in. Recently, Haffner’s put the Ceramic Sealant in their Works Wash package, as it used to be a $5 upgrade with any wash.

The wash shown in this video was the $24 Works Wash which included:

*Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine
*Simoniz Ceramic Sealant
*Lava Foam Conditioner
*Clear Coat Protectant
*Vision Clear
*Triple Foam
*Rim Cleaner
*Foam Bath

Wash Quality: excellent! The wash got most of the bugs and bird droppings of of our car. Drying quality was much better this time, probably because of the addition of the Ceramic Sealant.


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