Dry Ice Cleaning Porsche 964 Dirty Engine Detail

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Dry Ice Blasting in the car detailing world has exploded over the past few weeks. The irony is that this type of cleaning has been available for many years as a non-destructive method for safely cleaning surfaces in the industrial and commercial markets. Cleaning and detailing disaster cars and engines has been done before, but never with so much social media presence. I'm using a Cold Jet machine with a 375cfm compressor that was rented from Red-D-Arc tool rental in NJ.. This set-up is a bit more "industrial" and less precise due to its industrial design. In other words, my ignorance picked the wrong machine for this type of precise work, but it was super educational to go through the "growing pains" of my education. Nonetheless, the ice balster did a great job. The operator (me) needs more practice and most likely a smaller nozzle to get into all the nooks and crevices. What I have learned is that Dry Ice Detailing is "part" of the many services our industry can provide. It's an add-on similar to clear bra (PPF), window tinting, paintless dent removal (PDR), and coating applications. Next week we have an expert coming to the AMMO NYC Studio to teach me (us) everything we need to know about dry ice blasting vehicles and how to do it safely. Hope everyone enjoys! -Larry

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