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We help set up our Machines with the utmost professionalism and skill.
See the Complete Washing

Setup in the Video:
1. 10 Micron Filter.
2. 100 Micron Filter.
3. High Pressure Washer with Safety Starter (MCB).
4. Accessories Tray + Multipurpose Wash Mitt + Foam Wash Bottle.
5. L- shape Holder for the Hose.
6. Connected to the Gun with Quick- Connect System.
7. Lance Holder.
8. Single- Nozzle Single Body Lance.
9. Z- shaped Boom- Overhead. This allows a smooth operation and working with the 360° Movement of the Boom.

You can get all these Original Machines with Setup and Maintenance only at MANMACHINEWORKS.

Start your setup now!
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