Filthy Mercedes CLK Spring Clean – Interior Car Detailing ASMR

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The last, third part of this Mercedes’ makeover is finally here! This lovely, but extremely dirty Mercedes CLK 320 CDI AMG Sport was standing untouched for quite a long while before its current owner purchased it - therefore it had lots of moss, lichen, algae and dirt accumulated on it everywhere, especially in the recesses/crevices... and its interior was not an exception. It needed a thorough proper scrubbing after the winter left us. 😄

Firstly, I started off vacuuming all interior surfaces thoroughly to get rid of all accumulated debris and dust. Because it was quite cold outside, afterwards I wanted to get done the car mats and carpets to give them time to dry, therefore I followed up the vacuum cleaner with the carpet cleaner, shampoed all fabric surfaces, the floor carpets, mats, boot, etc., including the fabric door and dashboard panels too. After that I cleaned all interior surfaces with my trustworthy "go-to" product, the Sonax Xtreme Interior Cleaner and various detailing brushes and wiped them clean with microfibre towels, after followed it up with Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer on the already dry surfaces to give them proper protection. The leather seats were pampered with Meguiar's Ultimate Leather Balm to give them the care and protection that they deserve. The stickers from the side window were finally removed, the residue was cleaned up with Sonax Tar Remover, after that I cleaned all glass surfaces with Gyeon Q²M Glass Cleaner. After all of these and cca. 7 hours of work, I gave a final quick vacuuming for the interior before placing the car mats back in. I believe that this transformation was quite drastic and finally the car was looking almost like new - as it should do. 😊

You can now see in this video how I spring cleaned this Mercedes' interior and brought it back to life (in ASMR style, of course) - to make a friend very happy. 😊
When I can see the big smile on the owners' faces... that is the real deal to me - that thing what keeps me going (especially in these hard times we have to experience right now). 🤩

If you are interested in the products I have used on this Mercedes, just turn on the subtitles, they are listed and timed properly in there for you. 😊

I wanted to create a relaxing, therapeutic car cleaning experience, where the focus goes on the cleaning process itself with its unique, soothing noises and the sounds of nature in the background, without disturbing music and talking, to ultimately represent that how a car is getting cleaned and show the real beauty of the art of car detailing. 😊

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