Exterior Detailing after road trip | Xtreme Solutions

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CarGuys Supplies — Coupon Code MIKE10 at checkout for 10% off

EthosCarCare --

AvalonKing Ceramic Coating --

Chemical Guys Web Site --

Tire Cleaners (Top 5)

P&S Brake Buster --
Meguiar's D14301 Non Acid Tire & Wheel Cleaner --
Chemical Guys Signature Series Wheel Cleaner --
Super Clean Foaming --
Ethos Wheel Cleaner-Brake Dust, Iron Remover --

Soaps (Top 5)

Lithium Double Tap Car Wash Shampoo --
Chemical Guys Citrus Wash&Gloss Concentrated Car Wash --
Ethos Foam Party Concentrated pH Neutral Car Wash Soap --
Adam’s Mega Foam Car Soap - pH Neutral Car Wash Soap --
Chemical Guys Honey Dew --

Detailing Brushes (Top 5)

Lithium Detailing Brushes --
PROPER DETAILING CO. Car Detailing Brush Set, 3 Pack --
Chemical Guys 1 Pack Interior Detailing Brush --
Lithium Detailing Brushes --
PROPER DETAILING CO. Car Detailing Brush Set, 3 Pack --

Paint Correction/Compounds (Top 5)

Griot's Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream 16oz --
RUPES D-A Coarse High Performance Cut --
LVR321 Knockout -- Use MIKE10 at checkout
Chemical Guys V-Line --
LVR500 Flawless Cut -- Use MIKE10 at checkout

Polishing compounds (Top 5)

RUPES UNO Protect AIO Polish and Paint Sealant --
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish --
Lithium Seal and Squeal Paint Sealant/Polish --
LVR404 Helios Polishing Glaze -- use MIKE10 at checkout
Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish --

After Wash Toppers (Top 5)

Xtreme Solutions Topper --
Lithium Car Care IGNITE --
P&S Bead Maker --
Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine --
Ethos DEFY --

Tire Dressing (Top 5)

Griots Garage Satin Finish --
Chemical Guys Tire Kicker --
Xtreme Solutions - Black Rally Tire Shine --
Wizards Tire and Wheel --
Adams VRT --

Interior Detailer (Top 5)

Lithium Car Care Inner Space --
Wizards Interior Cleaning --
Chemical Guys InnerClean --
303 Protectant - Automotive Interior And Exterior --
Griots Garage Interior Cleaner --

Leather Treatment (Top 5)

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner --
Griots Garage Leather Treatment --
Lithium Car Care Hide Rehab --
Wizards Leather Plus Conditioner --
Xtreme Solutions. Leather Magic --

Other Equipment I use:

McCulloch 1385 Steamer --
VacMaster 3-in-1 --
Bissell SpotClean Pro --
UBERFLEX Kink Resistant Pressure Washer Hose 50' --


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