Ultimate Car Cleaning Price list for SUCCESS / How to Make Money From Detailing!

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In this video I will Show you the Ultimate Car Cleaning Price List and show you how to make Mega Money from Being a mobile car cleaner/detailer.

I show you how to simplify the pricing process and help you get the best out of your customers plus I show you how make money through upsells and talk about issues which you WILL face in career as a Mobile Detailer.

Watch my business Playlist here which is jam packed with a wealth of knowledge and advice for beginners looking to start a car cleaning business

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My Pressure Washer -
My Vac -
My steam cleaner -
Soft Brushes i use -
Car Dryer Same spec as mine -

Wheel Brushes I use:

Vikan brush for tyres -
Wheel Woolies Bundle -

Car Cleaning Products i Recommend:

G Techniq Wash Mitt -
Kent Wash Noodle -
Buckets & Grit Guards - Yum Cars

Cameras used to film:

My Camera -
My Mic -
Tripod -

//Car Cleaning Discount Codes:
Yum Cars: Enter Code EPIC at the checkout to get 10% discount off any purchase.
Go Detailing: Enter Code EPIC at the checkout to get 15% discount off any purchase.
Pyramid Car Care: Enter Code EPIC20 at the checkout to get 20% discount off any purchase.
Bear Car Care: EPIC will save you 10% off your next order


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