Car Wash Service and Gas Station 3D – Android GamePlay

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About game
Car Wash Service and Gas Station 3D - Modern Car Garage Simulator - Android GamePlay

➔ Game Developer : Meteorite Studio
➔ Our new car wash game has a range of facilities and services from car detailing to car mechanics, tuning, oil changing, gas filling, refueling and tire changing. There is a realistic auto car wash system in this game as well as a workshop to modify your cars - fully animated and functional in the center of the city.
Drive your car across dirty roads and tracks and get a lot of mud on your car. Then find the modern car wash point in the city and get your car cleaned.
You'll be given the best service that includes interior and exterior cleaning, repairing and car decoration in the best station in the city. You'll be provided with up-close views of the workers doing their job - like cleaning up the seats and dashboard and steering then repairing and fixing the broken or damaged parts and dumping the trash, mess or dust in the recycle, then moving on to washing the exterior of your car, removing messy and dirty spots and washing the car with sponge and soap, then shining it up in the best car wash salon game.
After building, repairing and cleaning, now it’s time for some creative tasks. Unleash your car designing talent to customize different vehicles - however you want! Paint the vehicle with multiple colors, place tattoos, stickers/decals, and lights on it. You can customize your vehicle with bundles of modification and decoration options.
This game will attract car lovers because of its unique features and challenging gameplay. Using imagination, a car enthusiast can paint a car in any color, change wheels and apply a bright colorful sticker to distinguish it from the rest. This will give the car a more attractive look and personality. This game will help you polish your car repairing skills and have fun at the same time!

- Challenging gameplay
- Ultra HD 3D environment
- Incredible high-quality graphics
- Washing and cleaning
- Oil change & fuel refilling
- Realistic and smooth controls for better driving
- Parking points
- Wide range of vehicles
- Car customizing


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