A QUICK WAY TO WASH A TESLA MODEL 3 | Rinseless Car Wash Method Tesla

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Definitive Car Detailing:
12/85 Mars Road Lane Cove West
1300 739 489

Many thanks to Frank from Definitive Car Detailing in Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia for an informative demonstration how to quickly and effectively wash a Tesla Model 3 using a rinseless car wash method using microfibre towels | Tesla Owners Club of Australia TOCA NSW Workshop
A QUICK WAY TO WASH A TESLA MODEL 3 | Rinseless Car Wash Method Tesla | Tesla Tom | Ludicrous Feed

00:00 Introduction
00:49 How do you wash your car?
02:40 Reduce Swirl Marks
04:10 A better carwash technique
05:54 Microfibre Towels Only
08:52 RInseless Solution
10:52 Grit Guard
11:51 Towel Folding Technique
13:50 Cleaning Technique
18:39 Drying Technique

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