CAR DETAILING – Knocking the years off a 2011 JAGUAR XF in Botanical Green. MINOR CORRECTION DETAIL

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This beautiful first generation Jaguar XF in Botanical Green came on for a minor paint correction and gloss enhancement detail; and what a beautiful example of this prestige brand it is!

It's 10 years had taken a toll on the paintwork, though not in a massively bad way but more in the way of light marring and panels full of the obligatory swirling. There were a few inevitable deeper scratches that needed addressing to make this prestige car stand proud on the Lincolnshire roads.

A thorough decontamination process led the way for Cartec's REFINISH range of compounds to work their magic once more. A mixture of 50/50 5000 and 9000 cutting compounds brought the true Botanical Green colour back to the coachwork with ease. This was finished off with their 1200 compound that really allowed the gloss to breathe....


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00:11 Wash stage
02:44 Paint inspection
04:30 Deep scratch polishing
07:40 Obligatory 50/50 bonnet shot
09:21 Polishing the door handle scratches
10:17 BARE NAKED PAINT (and protection too!)
13:00 Outdoor images


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