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The # 3ph system of #Labocosmetica was created to help detailers and washers in one of the fundamental phases in car care, whether it is protected or not, washing.
#thedetailingmafia In washing, every meticulous cleaning action is essential. Often, however, a product with a specific pH is needed to remove dirt and contaminations that have deposited on the bodywork.
The maintenance wash is one of the fundamental steps for maintaining a protective agent such as wax, sealant or active nano ceramic, the # 3ph system of #Labocosmetica in fact releases protection thanks to the action of each specific pH.
With this video we want to give you all the information and advice to keep your protection alive thanks to the # 3ph system of #Labocosmetica.

#PRIMUS • Alkaline pH
We start the washing using #Primus in PreWash mode, differentiating it in the winter season in the presence of more dirt in dilution 1:30 while in the summer season when the dirt will be less in dilution 1:50. It can be used as a pre-treatment diluted 1: 5 or 1:10 in the areas where more dirt is deposited, such as the lower part of the doors, the lower rear part of the trunk or for the removal of residues of midges on the front

After having carried out the pre-wash we move on to the dispensing of the #Purifica decontaminating shampoo, we will dispense it in foam mode at a dilution of 1:60 starting from the bottom up. It is also possible to use #Purifica as a pretreatment diluted 1:10 for those most exposed areas, such as the lower part of the doors and low rear trunk, to the deposit of minerals such as salt and water residues as often happens in the winter season.

What time we had to carry out a protective 3pH wash we will use #Purifica in shampoo mode, diluting it in the bucket 1:60.

#Purifica will in fact remove limescale residues and rejuvenate the wax or sealant coating, solving the problem at the root by dissolving and sequestering effectively, in a delicate way, the calcium, the mineral deposits deposited and the residues of contamination caused by acid rain.

#SEMPER • neutral pH

Let's move on to the mechanical action that we are going to carry out with the #Semper shampoo, #Semper is free of waxes or brightness enhancers and its super lubricated formula guarantees extreme smoothness during the washing phase, does not create streaks and can be used even on the glass. Its foam has been designed to dissolve, incorporate and hold in suspension the dirt on the surface of the car, removing it in a safe but delicate way.

#We will always use it in a dilution of 1: 1000, its neutral pH will allow us not to change the decontaminating action initiated with the previous delivery of #Purifica, favoring a double mechanical and chemical decontaminating function in the same.


#REVITAX • Neutral pH as a protective shampoo

To end the 3pH protection cycle we are going to use Revitax, the sealing shampoo with multiple applications depending on the surfaces and seasonality.

A new generation "Wash & Coat" neutral shampoo that allows you to wash, seal, protect and extend the life of the previously applied coating. On untreated cars, it can give a gloss and protection, equal to nano sealants, for at least 3 months.

We will use it in dilution 1: 100 and it will be possible to dispense it in foam mode with subsequent drafting with a glove or sponge, in Nebula pressure pump mode with subsequent drafting with a glove or sponge or in bucket mode as a simple shampoo. For the application after application with foam, Nebula pump or bucket mode we recommend for immediate adhesion the use of a soft sponge while for the summer season where the temperature speeds up adhesion the use of a microfibre glove as well. to have a good draft in total safety.

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