MJJC Foam Cannon Pro Review | Best Foam Cannon for Car Detailing | How to Get more foam | Car Wash

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I was contacted by MJJC and they asked if i would like to test out there new foam cannon, the FOAM CANNON PRO. I do NOT provide biased reviews and if i dont think something is good, them i tell you! What did i think of this??? ENJOY!

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro

Mr Pink Car Soap

Pressure Washer Used: Active VE51

Aftermarket Pressure Washer hose: 50 feet

Cheaper Foam Cannon:

Replacement Orifice 1.1mm

0:00 Intro to MJJC Foam Cannon Pro
10:53 Testing the foam cannon
15.50 1.1mm orifice for foam cannon

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