The Official Highlight Video for Modern Day Enthusiast Detailing!- Car Detailing Hype Video!

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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for stopping over and check out my highlight video! Tons of work went into getting this done and it could not have come out any better!

Detailing is something that I've had a love for since I was a little kid in the driveway with the hose cleaning my mom's cars and to fast forward today to running my own detailing business is INSANE!

This is just the start of what I want to make this business become and all the support from you helps just that much more.

Every detail I do I plan on uploading so there will hopefully never be a shortage of content to come back to!

Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to see the evolution of my detailing and videography!

Huge shout out to Shawn over at - for making this video happen!

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