How to Start a $350K/year Car Detailing Business (Pt. 1)

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Do you love cars and have a good eye for detail? Starting a car detailing business could be your perfect match—and it’s an industry with huge revenue potential.

Notto Jensen founded Attention 2 Detail in 1993 out of a desire to become his own boss after leaving his previous career in corporate America. He started as a mobile car detailing business to cut down on opening expenses, and this ended up being a draw for busy customers looking for no-fuss auto detailing businesses. Today, the business has been going strong for nearly 30 years, a solid base that allowed the company to continue growing even through the disruptions of 2020.

In this interview, we’ll hear Notto’s advice for how to start a car detailing business from home. He’ll tell us how much it cost to get started (and what kind of budget you’d need to start a mobile detailing business today), what goes into writing a carwash business plan, and what tools, supplies, and experience are required to be successful.

Mobile car wash businesses have a lot of advantages over a physical location for both owners and customers. We’ll learn the best way to build a client base as a mobile auto detailing business and how Notto built a brand for Attention 2 Detail.

The advertising landscape has shifted dramatically since the early ‘90s, and we’ll find out how Notto’s strategy has shifted with it, including the role social media plays in a modern mobile car detailing business.

Anyone interested in car detailing as a career needs to watch this video. You can learn more about Attention 2 Detail at their website,

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