First ever car wash on the GOLF R (premium snow foam wash 🧼) feat Tally PRO Detail Valeting.

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Hello folks welcome back to the channel. Like. Subscribe. Comment. It’s been a while since the last video. I finally managed to get a third video on the GOLF R the weather has been an absolute nightmare. I’ve been waiting patiently since April to have the car washed. Due to lockdown and unforeseen circumstances I’ve had to wait over two months to have the GOLF R have its first ever wash since it’s delivery in March 2021. Also I like to add I’m still learning how to edit my short videos. Learning as I go along I’m trying to keep the videos as authentic original as possible no CGI effects here. Hope you appreciate. Many thanks for the support.

Big thank you to Tally and he’s professional detailing company. PRO DETAIL VALETING. (IMI Accredited Valeter & Detailer) check them out ASAP!!! Just In time for summer. Brilliant service. Details below.


Snow foam is an essential pre-wash, improving car wash results and keeping your finish brighter for longer. As a pre-wash, snow foam lifts dirt and floats it away without rubbing it into the finish. Snow foam detergents encapsulate road grime, dirt, dust, and pollen, lifting it away from the surface of your vehicle.
Snow foam works by creating a thick, clingy foam that sticks to the surface of your car. Because of this increased contact time compared to regular soap and water, snow foam is better at breaking down dirt and lifting it off the surface of your car, which in turn makes your regular car wash much more effective.

This video is not sponsored by PRO Detail Valeting.

Also a big thank you to ADAM TURNER GIDDINGS for the 4 second trailer.


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