It CUT My Finger!🩸| Filthy Neglected Exterior Car Detailing Ceramic Wash Transformation (Part 1)

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In this video, watch me clean this absolute FILTHY and neglected SUV! I’m not sure how long it had been without a good wash, but just looking at it will give you an idea. The caked on brake dust alone was scary to me and took several passes just to get any small amount off. As for the rest of the vehicle, there’s a clear color difference after the detail, as well as in my finger. 😂 Without grossing anyone out too much, I somehow manage to cut my finger fairly deep while applying dressing below the windshield. My girlfriend helped me clean it off immediately so there’s just a faint scar, and thankfully nothing dripped onto the vehicle!🩸

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0:00 - Before Shots/Intro
0:35 - First Wheel Cleaning
1:52 - Second Wheel Cleaning POV
3:45 - Initial Vehicle Rinse
5:34 - Pre-Wash Snow Foam
6:50 - Snow Foam Detailed Agitation
8:20 - Ceramic Infused Hand Wash
14:11 - Wet Wax Spray
14:20 - Drying Process
16:10 - Trim Restoration Application
17:02 - Glass & Windshield Cleaning
18:13 - Tire Shine Application, After Shots, and Outro

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