Car Wash in 1 Liter water | Home Made Car waterless wash | Wash your car in just ₹20/- | DIY Ep.- 2

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My Name is Vikhyat Tiwari, And I own a workshop in Noida known as AutoVishal Noida. We are into Multi-Brand Workshop and Body shop For Last 2 Decades And do complete work of cars from servicing a car to customizing a car and in some cases restoration of cars with brand new OEM parts directly from distributor to used parts as per customer demands.
For Car Interior contact on the AutoVishal link below:
if you want to book a appointment or get a free consultation on your car you can click on the links given below:

My setup for Vlogging and gaming is as follows:
Xiaomi Poco F1 (Old Mobile)
Apple Iphone 8plus (Mobile)
Custom Built PC (for more information comment below)
StreamLabs OBS
Philips Microphone

✔ Presenting You✔

Car Wash in 1 Liter water | Home Made Car Wash Setup | Wash your car in just ₹20/- | DIY Ep.- 2

All the Parts I Purchased from:
ProKlear waterless car wash:

Windshield Repair kit:

HJG Lights:

Lumax Headlights + LED:

Amazon Stickers:

discovery channel:

compas Sticker:

k&n airfilter:

blaupunkt speakers:

blaupunkt stereo:

Indicators LED:

Wiper Blades:

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