Epic Fail at Car Detailing

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I've decided that I will be cleaning my car myself from now on and wanted to have a go a doing a proper wash (2 buckets, foam canon etc). But due to my eagerness to try the foam canon and the sun coming out (rare in the UK), the wash went horribly wrong.

Firstly the foam canon connector didn't fit the Karcher Power washer we have. Seems we have a really old one. I only discovered that once I had started to clean the car. So I had to resort to the 2 bucket cleaning option except my new buckets hadn't arrived from Amazon. So I had to use the mop bucket and a small bucket (proper ghetto here). And the sun just kept beating down on the car, drying as I went leaving nice drip marks.

So the lesson learnt is to clean the car first thing in the morning or towards the evening when the sun has moved to the other side of the house. I managed to salvage would I could before finishing with my tail between my legs.

Hope you enjoy it and I'm sure I'll get better. The items from Amazon did turn up later in the day.


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