CAR DETAILING – 2007 Range Rover Sport receives impressive PAINT CORRECTION detail with CERAMIC COAT

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This turned out to be one to be super proud of! It's now hard to believe that this luxury 4x4 is now 14 years old, as the gloss now defies both its age and mileage!

The owner had just had the bonnet resprayed, but the rest of the panes were showing every car-wash and marring from its previous 14 years; as the bonnet now looked so good, it was up to me to bring the rest of this Java Black paintwork up to the same level - and this video shows the steps necessary to ensure that this Rangey looked better than showroom, even before the ceramic coating.

The paint was cut with Cartec's Final Cut 9000, and then refined with their Ultra Finish 12000 - this brought the gloss to the bare naked paint. This was then protected with 2 coats of Pyramid Car Care's Premium Ceramic coating, which as well as protecting it massively enhances the gloss levels to the paintwork!

To book your car in for a detail, please contact me via my Facebook page:

00:09 Intro
01:03 Paint inspection
05:37 Wash stage
08:54 Obligatory 50/50 shot!
10:54 Day 2
15:12 Applying the ceramic coating
18:56 Interior day
23:50 Outdoor shots


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