Mega Filthy Rare Mazda 3 MPS Clean Up – Car Exterior Detailing ASMR

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It was one of my dreams for long years to detail my good Friend's lovely and rare, 256 bhp Mazda 3 MPS 2.3T and bring it back into its formal glory... Finally, in this year's March, the time has come and we have managed to sort some time out for the cca. 20 hours long cleaning process, over two and half days, when I could spring clean the whole car - the exterior, the interior and the tight 2.3T engine bay. It was one of the dirtiest cars that I have deep cleaned so far, was in a mega filthy and extremely neglected state after the very long and tough winter months. You can now see in this video how I spring cleaned this beautiful Mazda's exterior and brought it back to life in ASMR style - to make a friend very happy. 🤩

Please note that it was a very lengthy and satisfying detailing process, where I had to clean literally everything on this car multiple times to get the desired/expected cleanliness, therefore I am just unable to show you fully all steps of the entire process. 😊

Also, I wanted to show you that nobody has to be a professional detailer to get great results at home, on your driveway - without a dedicated washbay and/or a detailing studio (I don't know many people who actually has got them); also not everybody needs a daily driver in proper show car condition. All it takes is just the true love and passion for your car and patience - it's simple as that. 🤩

I wanted to create a relaxing, therapeutic car cleaning experience, where the focus goes on the cleaning process itself with its unique, soothing noises and the sounds of nature in the background, with no music and no talking, to ultimately represent that how a car is getting cleaned and show the real beauty of the art of car detailing. 😊

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