My Car Cleaning Routine | DIY Foam wash gun for less than 500rs.

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This video describes my car wash routine, i wash my car like this when it gets pretty filthy.
This is not so in depth on protecting your car's paint, i will be uploading a video about that later on as it requires alot more attention.

I clean my car like this as the area i reside in has a pretty messed up water table and strict rules regarding the usage of water, i won't complain, i think its nice that they don't allow heavy usage of water as it challenges me to see how less water i can use to wash my car, for this video i used less than 6L of water, which is not even 2 gallons, which is 3-4 times less than a conventional car wash!

Products Used:
(Similar to the one I used)
3M car shampoo:
3M wax:
Meguiars wax:
3M trim dresser:
Microfiber cloth set:

Reel Featured:

Instagram and other socials :

My set-up
1) Camera:
2) Ring light:
3) Tripod:
2nd Tripod: Sony's fluidhead tripod
4) Laptop for editing:

0:00 intro
0:11 Quick checks
0:40 Products used
1:21 Why i don't use a hose or pressure washer
2:10 Cleaning Procedure
2:33 DIY Foam wash
3:57 Continuing cleaning procedure
5:08 Quick Tip with the spray pump
5:33 Quick Trick to clean the windsheild
7:46 Door Jams/Door Sils
8:55 Waxes you can use
10:28 Black Trim Pieces
12:14 Wheels
12:58 Final Thoughts
13:54 Outro


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